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Photoshot in Miami’s Boat Show

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We were intending to take a tour of the show and then go to see Fort Lauderdale, the beach and a hotel we had been recommended. Well, nothing in spite of the heat was so exciting that we stayed all day! And we returned home in time to go see Jorge play football. Apparently it has been the most extensive fair in terms of exhibition space refers to its history. I assure you that we made miles and only one of the marinas! Carlitos was great …

Upon arrival, after parking and taking a very cute old Trolley (not convenient to park!), I called Fernando Prado. He is a broker in one of the world’s best brokerage companies for luxury yachts: Camper & Nicholsons Charming as always! He offered to take a quick guided tour of what he found most interesting from the fair between client and client.

He took our time enough to explain to us a bit how structured the show was, what was more fashionable, original, eccentric, classic, most spectacular, most luxurious. Very interesting! And also, it was a bit difficult to photograph the most luxurious yachts because they demanded you to enter with broker, because there were many people, they did not let them take pictures and on the outside they were so close to each other that it was difficult for them to look good.

I did not know how to summarize everything I saw because many things were worth it. I explain it to you while you see it in the photos. I hope you like my selection!

They call it Toys: the first is a submarine and the second is a Fly Sky runner. Parachutes in the water. They are from U Boat Worx. We did not see anything like it at the fair. Also a few mattresses from I Floats Miami to sunbathe, to play children or dogs (that we were told) that do not sink and as you will see I did the test …

Now the trendy boats: The Intrepids Powerboats! Very comfortable for Miami because you can go through the canals, you can go fishing, you can surf comfortably and sunbathe, do water sports next. It is multifaceted. Around here you can see many celebrities with this caprice that is to the last.

I continue with the Tender or auxiliary boats but that for some years are also trend and are used as independent boat. It’s handy because you can get to the shore on the beach, sail with fear and some are so big that you have stateroom to leave things, fridge, bathroom, eating area and to sunbathe … My father drives him crazy so This goes for him!

A selection of boats: a recreational sport boats, a fishing barge, an Atlantic Yatch catamaran, a very Italian with models, a super yacht with a WestPort heliport and a luxury of modern design that I’m not very sure I like it very much or I do not like anything but that in any case did not leave anyone indifferent.

Of interiors I would give to spoken ones a whole post and of the technologies of the nautical nor I tell you. I just stop to highlight something that I found very practical. The boat interior company Genesis sells panels for interior walls very practical and of the best quality. If by accident you get damaged, dirty or scratch a wall zone you change the panel and ready ¬°How new!

I finished this post with a picture of a boat so spectacular that it did not enter the exhibition area but it was close to where we parked in the car (far away!). Fernando told me not to stop including him in the post and he was right. More than 85 meters and much history.

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